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Garver Manufacturing produces a precision caliper which makes reading the Babcock test quick and easy.



Precision Calipers Series  

The Babcock test can be read easily and accurately with the Garver precision caliper. Features include; perfected lightning whereby the fat columns are read against a background of white light, brass geared rack and pinion for adjusting horizontal needle points held in a firm position which make it easier to read tests, Knobbed handles which precisely move the needle points on a track and make it easy to quickly set the pointers at the proper locations on the fat column, and a magnifying lens which makes it easier to read the tests accurately and uniformly because the marks on the test bottle appear much larger. The tendency of the fat column to move downward will be practically eliminated due the built in heater in the platform where the bottle is placed. The heater maintains the platform temperature at 115 to 130 degrees. Maintaining this temperature is another factor contributing to accurate readings. The precision caliper is a precise instrument and will give you years of maintenance free use.