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Garver Manufacturing produces two shaker units for shaking Babcock and Gerber style bottles. Custom shakers are available for plastic and glassware. Call for quotes.



Babcock Shaker Series  

The Garver Babcock 200 series has been specially designed to put testing on a scientific basis at a popular price. All models are constructed of cast aluminum for long life, are dynamically balanced to ensure smooth operation, and run at a regulation motor speed acceptable in all continents. Features include; a thermostat when manually set will automatically maintain the correct temperature, dual switches for motor and heater, a thermometer with mounting, visiscope, and a pilot light which alerts the operator whenever the heater is active. The dual switches and pilot light are contained in a cast aluminum housing mounted on top of the tester.



Gerber Shaker Series With their unique and exclusive orbital action, which closely simulates hand twirling, and their extremely low center of gravity, which assures minimum vibration, Garver test bottle shakers give you complete integration of a full test load in 30 to 45 seconds without forcing the mixture into the bottlenecks. The 240 and 360 models have a heavy duty gear head motor with variable speed, a shaker arm driven by a precision ball bearing, a polyethylene top shaker tray with a rubber pad in the bottom, and a 3/16” rust resisting steel bottom plate with a heavy foam pad adhered to the underside. The 240R and 360R models have a removable shaker tray which is secured by means of a cam lock that can be instantly released.