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Over time, parts can wear out and need replaced. Garver Manufacturing offers a wide assortment of replacement parts for all of our products. Simply select the type of unit you have and a parts list will be shown. If a part is not listed, please call for price and availability.

Centrifuges Shakers Washers Calipers


Item ID Description Item ID Description
0001C Large Bowl 0044C Ohmite Tap Switch
0002C Bowl Lid 4"-9" Glassware 0045C Thermostat
0003C Bowl Lid 2 1/2"-6" Glassware 0046C VS Control Box
0004C Baseplate Large 0047C VS Transformer 13537-UP
0005C Small Bowl 0048C VS Transformer  & Light 1-13536
0006C Bowl Lid with Hinges 0049C Heater 500W
0007C Baseplate Small 0050C Heater Pin (Set of 2)
0008C 4 Place 250ml Rotor Head 0051C Lava Bushing (Set of 2)
0009C Double Cup Hanger 0052C Cord & Plug for Heater
0010C Single Cup Hanger 0053C Bolt for Heater Clamp
0011C Cup 0054C Heater Clamp 500W
0012C Single Cup with Hanger 0055C Heater 750W
0013C Double Cup with Hanger 0056C Switch Box Triangle
0014C Bottle Carrier Small 0057C Switch Box Small
0015C Bottle Carrier Large 0058C Handle for Lid
0016C Brake Disc & Stem 0059C Bolts/Bowl & Motor (Part #0001C)
0017C Brake Handle 7 3/4" 0060C Bolts/Bowl & Motor (Part #0005C)
0018C Brake Handle 10" 0061C Bolt & Bushing for Thermostat
0019C Flat Brass Brake Handle 0062C Bolt for Attaching Lid to Bowl
0020C Rotor Standard (Model #/SN) 0063C Bolts & Nuts for Heater Guard
0021C Rotor Super (Model #/SN) 0064C Bolts for Bowl Lid Hinge
0022C Nut - Motor Top 0065C Hinge
0023C Rotor Shaft 0066C Pilot Light Bulb
0024C Stator Standard (Model #/SN) 0067C Bolt & Nut for Motor Housing
0025C Stator Super (Model #/SN) 0068C Motor Super (Model #/SN)
0026C Nut Motor Bottom 0069C Motor Standard (Model #/SN)
0027C Motor Housing - Top 0070C Cord w/3 Prong Plug
0028C Nut for Carrier & Vitsiscope 0071C Cork Gasket
0029C Bearing Top of Motor 0072C Rubber Plug
0030C Bearing Bottom of Motor 0073C Milk Solid Adaptors
0031C Ball Bearing Set Screw 0074C Gerber Adaptors
0032C Ball Bottom of Motor 0075C Rubber Pads Milk Solidsipt
0033C Motor Housing Bottom 0076C Heater Terminal Insulator
0034C Visiscope (Model #/SN) 0077C 2 1/2' Heater Wire
0035C Visiscope Face 0078C ON/OFF Plate
0036C Visiscope Shaft (only) 0079C Serial # Plate
0037C Visiscope Bushing Kit 0080C VS Serial # Plate
0038C Thermometer Holder 0081C Pocket Tach
0039C Thermometer Red Celsius 0082C Babcock Video & Script
0040C Pilot Light Assembly Small 0083C Mojonnier Video & Script
0041C Pilot Light Assembly Large 0084C Warning Lid Sticker
0042C Control Knob 0085C Rubber Feet (Set of 3)
0043C Toggle Switch 0086C Centrifuge Oil