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Over time, parts can wear out and need replaced. Garver Manufacturing offers a wide assortment of replacement parts for all of our products. Simply select the type of unit you have and a parts list will be shown. If a part is not listed, please call for price and availability.

Centrifuges Shakers Washers Calipers


Item ID Description Item ID Description
0100S Brush Cap 0121S Aluminum Pliers
0101S Alum. Slide Brg.,Bolt & Washer 0122S Small Clover Base
0102S Brushes Bodine 1/8" x 1/4" 0123S Small Clover Base w/Cam
0103S Brushes Carter 1/4" x 1/4" 0124S Large Clover Base
0104S Carter Gear Motor 0125S Large Clover Base w/Cam
0105S Brushes Bodine 3/16" x 1/4" 0126S Cam Shaft for Bodine Motor
0106S Sealed Ball Brg. for Motor Shaft 0127S Wear Plate Bottom
0107S Rheostat Switch 0128S Wear Plate Top
0108S Extra Tray for 240 Shaker 0129S Motor Cap Brush End Bodine
0109S Extra Tray for 360 Shaker 0130S Carter Motor & Motor Mount
0110S Potentiometer Knob 0131S Motor Mount
0111S 9/16" Nylon Ball Brg. 0132S White Shaker Plate Base
0112S Red Arm for Shaft/Supports Motor 0133S Serial Number Plate
0113S Cam for Removable Tray 0134S Polyethylene 240 Shaker Top
0114S Control Box / Rheostat Housing 0135S Polyethylene 360 Shaker Top
0115S Motor End Cap at Gear Head 0136S Foam Rubber Pad
0116S Fiber Washer (under slide brg.) 0137S Aluminum Ring Washer
0117S Bolt and Spring Washer 0138S Removable Type 240 Tray
0118S Nylon Wire Clip 0139S Removable Type 360 Tray
0119S Rubber Pad for 240 Shaker 0140S Brass Spacer
0120S Rubber Pad for 360 Shaker