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Over time, parts can wear out and need replaced. Garver Manufacturing offers a wide assortment of replacement parts for all of our products. Simply select the type of unit you have and a parts list will be shown. If a part is not listed, please call for price and availability.

Centrifuges Shakers Washers Calipers


Item ID Description Item ID Description
3002 Head Assembly 3025B Lower Pinion Gear
3005 Jewel, Heater Light 3028 Knob
3007 Back Light Glass 3045 Power Inlet / Socket
3011 Friction Pin 3054 Light Bulb
3012 Friction Spring 3056 Thumb Screw
3013 Set Screw 3060 Magnifier Glass
3014 Indicator Gear Assembly 3066 Magnifier Block Clamp
3020 Cover Plate 3077 Upper & Lower Light Switch
3022 Pointer Set 3079 Cord Set
3025A Upper Pinion Gear 3080 Rubber Feet (Set of 3)