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Garver Manufacturing produces a wide variety of centrifuges for the Babcock, Gerber, Acid Splits, and Mojonnier tests. To view a particular series, click on it's link below.

Babcock Gerber Acid Splits / Mojonnier


100 G SERIES  


The Garver Gerber 100 G series centrifuge comes with all the same feartures you have come to expect. The testers are of cast aluminum construction with a brushed satin finish and include heater, motor switch, thermostat, and rake. Regulation speed is obtained through the use of a specially designed motor. Centrifuges are carefullly balanced to give smooth safe operation. Heavy duty motor bearings computer machined shafts which are then hand polished and carefully fitted to the bearings. An efficient lubrication system assures long equipment life.


1 The Garver Gerber Deluxe G series are carefully designed for the Gerber test. They are cast aluminum construction with a brushed satin finish and a specially built motor that develps the proper G force to perform the Gerber tests. The Deluxe G series is equipped with heater, brake, thermometer, thermostat, visiscope, motor and heater switches, heater pilot light, and Gerber adapters. Heaey duty motor bearings., carefully hand polished computer machined shafts, and and efficient oiling system will give you years of trouble free service. All parts within the Deluxe G and Deluxe series are interchangeable except; motor and visiscope disc.